January 26, 2014

The Student Resume, Part 1

Why Should a Homeschooled Student Have a Resume? 


Activities and Accomplishments

The student resume is a document listing all of a student's extracurricular activities and accomplishments. Detailed entries listed underneath the various sections provide an overview of who the student is by describing interests, talents, skills, involvement, leadership, special achievements, and demonstrated excellence. For the homeschool parent, the student resume may be seen as a detailed timeline of the student's growth and progress throughout the homeschooling years.

College, Scholarship, and Employment Applications

A student resume is often required when submitting applications for college, scholarships, and employment. This document introduces your student to college admissions officers, scholarship committees, and potential employers. In order to be competitive in the college and scholarship application process, everything a homeschooled student does is relevant and everything should be listed. The Common Application, an online form used by many colleges and universities for the admissions process, requests information that can be easily obtained by referring to the student's resume. By accurately listing every activity and accomplishment, the resume will put the spotlight on your individual student, helping to set him or her apart from the rest.


The student resume, when regularly updated throughout the homeschooling years, is an extremely useful tool when gathering information to be recorded on the high school transcript. Several resume entries relating to a similar activity or topic may be condensed into a single line on the transcript. 


The resume is a handy reference for a student when preparing for interviews for college or employment since the various activities and experiences the student has had may be discussed. 

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