June 11, 2014

The High School Diploma

High school graduation... what an accomplishment! How exciting!

Now, what about the diploma?

Diplomas In Kentucky 

Here in Kentucky, according to The Kentucky Homeschool Information Packet found on the Kentucky Department of Education's Home School page, when a child graduates from a home school it is the responsibility of the home school to issue the diploma. Not in Kentucky? Check your state's requirements for high school graduation and for the issuing of a high school diploma.

Customized Diplomas

When our twin boys graduated from high school (after being homeschooled all 12 years), I decided to create personalized diplomas for them. After searching the internet and gathering ideas for various styles and wording, my diploma forms were edited and tweaked in Word until they were just right. Then they were printed out, signed by my husband and me, framed, presented to the boys, and put on display in their rooms.

Keepsake Documents

With their framed diplomas proudly on display, I stepped back to admire them. And then it hit me. A major milestone had been reached. Our long but rewarding homeschooling journey had finally come to an end. Their high school diplomas are not just documents stating they have completed a particular course of study. They are precious reminders of the many memorable moments and accomplishments made during our family's unique educational journey.

Free Diploma Form

This same diploma form is available as a free, fully editable download (Word doc) to customize for your high school student along with a finished sample for reference.
  • Edit the red text and any other text as desired.
  • Change all text to black.
  • Proofread. Double check all names and dates.
  • Print two copies. One to file with permanent records and one to frame.
  • Add signatures in ink.
  • Frame. Display. Admire. Reflect.


The use of this diploma form does not confirm the completion of any particular high school course of study or program. 

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